Burnt Orange Breakdown: 13 Chet Moss

Over the next two months, HornsNation, will analyze each of the scholarship layers currently on the Texas roster. (The bulk of the 2012 class is not currently on the roster.) We will look at the player’s past contributions, what he might do for Texas this year and the future impact he could have on the program. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis we will go through the roster numerically before ending with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 13 Chet Moss

Fullback, 6-2, 242, sophomore

Impact in 2011

Moss made it into four games as a true freshman. Most of those were on special teams, but he also got in as a linebacker. Moss had a rocky end to his freshman season as he was arrested for public intoxication in November and did not travel with the team to the Holiday Bowl. He was then switched from linebacker to fullback.

Impact in 2012

First Moss has to get back in good graces with the team. He was not allowed to practice with the team in the spring because of academic issues. Couple that with his arrest in November of 2011 and Moss is a player who is teetering on not making it at Texas.

Additionally, he will be ill-prepared to play his new position, fullback, because he was not part of the team in the spring. So even if Moss is a part of the team in 2012, he might not see any significant playing time.

Impact in 2013 and beyond

Clearly Moss has skills and the build to be an excellent fullback for Texas. But there are several factors working against him. First, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Secondly, freshman Alex De La Torre, has been moved in front of him at fullback. Third, Texas might not use many fullback sets over the next two years because it has three running backs and needs to use those guys in different packages.