Burnt Orange Breakdown: 14 Will Russ

Over the next two months, HornsNation, will analyze each of the scholarship layers currently on the Texas roster. (The bulk of the 2012 class is not currently on the roster.) We will look at the player’s past contributions, what he might do for Texas this year and the future impact he could have on the program. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis we will go through the roster numerically before ending with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 14 William Russ

Punter, 6-4, 193, sophomore

Impact in 2011

Russ proved he has the leg for kickoffs by hitting two for an average of 59 yards against Kansas. But that was all the action he saw in 2011.

Impact in 2012

With Justin Tucker, who handled all the kicking duties, gone Russ will be forced to step up in at least one and possibly two areas. Texas will almost certainly use him on kickoffs because he has the strongest leg. They could also use him as a punter. But, after a shaky spring, Texas went out and signed Alex King from Duke. King will be given every shot to be the punter in 2012.

Impact in 2013 and beyond

King only has one year to , so once again in 2013, Russ might be asked to handle the punting duties. There is no question he has the leg but the timing, the hang time, and the arc of the ball is what concerns the staff. Given another year (2012) to work on it Russ might be able to contribute his junior and senior years.