Mailbag: Recruiting Mario Edwards Jr.

Carter Strickland opens up the mailbag this week. We will be answering more questions later this week. Got a question for Carter? Submit it here.

Chase (Aberdeen, S.D.): Hey Carter, I was curious to see if you have any recruiting news on Dorial Green-beckham and what the odds are he becomes a Longhorn?

Carter Strickland: This one is going to be tough. Because of DGB’s background, and closeness to his family, I think he will decide to stay closer to home and pick Arkansas or Oklahoma. Now the one thing that does bode well for Texas is that the Longhorns are very thin at wide receiver and he can come in right away and make an impact. But with a talent like Green-Beckham, he is pretty much expected to come in and be a Julio Jones or A.J. Green-type player.

Benjamin Tristan (Chicago): Poor coaching? Texas in the last several years has had some of the best recruits in the country. Actually, every year for the last 100 years, Texas has had some or the best recruts in the country .Why isn’t Texas ranked 1 or 2 ,3 4 5 6? Texas should always be in the Top 10. Good example to question the Texas coaches , two years ago when Texas was playing for the national championship and Colt was hurt, why didn’t Texas have a backup QB? Instead, they send in an 18-year old QB.

Strickland: Not too many teams develop the backup quarterback when they have a star like McCoy playing. It just doesn’t happen. Typically those players are only used in mop-up duty. Now where the Texas coaches went wrong is they became a little too satisfied with the success that they had during McCoy’s run. The players were so good and so self-disciplined that the coaching staff didn’t put the same effort into developing the younger talent during practice. Winning can lead to complacency and that is what happened for Texas. Now you are seeing the staff have to play younger guys and work harder in practice to keep the level of intensity and instruction up.

Dave Broyles (Texas): What would it take to retire Mack Brown? Retiring DeLoss Dodds? Urban Meyer would be a great fit for UT. The alums and boosters are sick of watching the annual beatings and humiliations at the Cotton Bowl. The road to a national championship goes through Dallas, and Mack has no road map! We need to hire Urban Meyer while he is available and let Mack play administrator where he belongs! Hook Em Horns!!!

Strickland: Mack Brown will only retire when he is ready to retire. I just don’t see it happening any time in the near future. Brown brought the first national title to Texas in 36 years, so he has built up some cache with the administrators and some of the fans. I think that DeLoss Dodds and the rest of the administration has seen that Brown is willing to adjust his style and that he is working much harder this year than last. That signals that Brown is still actively engaged in the program. And as long as he still wants to be a part of the program, Brown will be a part of the program.

Rocky Moore (Lubbock, Texas): Hey Mr. Strickland, I was wandering do you think Mario Edwards Jr. will commit to Texas, Oklahoma or stay committed to Florida State. Thanks

Strickland: I do think he will not go to Florida State. I think Edwards wants to stay closer to home. Of course, Austin and Norman are just about equal distances from his home so that makes this one interesting. Texas could certainly use the nation’s top defensive end recruit. It is not a lock that Alex Okafor is going to stick around for his senior year. That would leave a pretty big hole on the line.

This is more of a recruiting battle this week than it was in the week following the Red River Rivalry. After that game, Edwards was a solid lean to OU. But Texas’ defense has started to show recruits what it is going to be like in the future. That can excite players. Now defensive coordinator Manny Diaz just has to get out and sell the program hard to Edwards. Oklahoma’s Brent Venables is a very good recruiter and has had a lot of success in Texas.

Venables is going to point to players like Frank Alexander and tell Edwards he could have that type of success. That is a huge draw.