Looking at the size the of UT athletics department

As is to be expected, the university with the largest overall athletic budget has an athletic department that is itself rather big.

From the 11 staff members for men's basketball -- remember there are only 13 scholarship players in hoops and there were only nine last year -- to the 30-plus people involved in the daily operation of the football teams, Texas, if not top heavy, is at least listing. Of course, the athletics department does have more than $150 million to work with so it's not as if the roll call of personnel is about to bankrupt the place.

Still when there are 22 full-time salaried people dedicated just to spreading the gospel of Texas -- all work under the umbrella of communications -- it's clear that when dealing with the Texas athletics department is no different than dealing with a complex and multilayered business. Speaking of business, Texas has 14 people dedicated to its business office, including three accounting technicians. Texas Christian, one of the two new members of the Big 12, has two people in its business office.

Where Texas clearly outpaces its counterparts in the Big 12 and in the country is in depth of some of its departments. Because while coaching staffs are restricted in size by the NCAA, other support staffs can be as big as the university wants them to be.

For instance, there are 13 staff members in the Texas strength and conditioning. These are full-time employees who do not have restrictions when it comes to time and access to athletes. So the more there are, ostensibly the more they can be there for the athletes. Alabama, which has an overall athletic department staff that rivals that of Texas, has 10 full-time employees on the strength and conditioning staff with another five interns. West Virginia, which like TCU is a new member of the Big 12, has nine people on its strength and conditioning staff.

What might be deceiving about Texas, and quite frankly about all athletic departments, is the notion that employees are sipping from chalices and cashing large checks. That is not the case. At Texas the head coaches are paid a premium. Mack Brown makes more than $5 million annually. Ah, but where there is a top there has to be a bottom.

Want to be a member of that large strength staff? Get ready for lots of work and a long way to go to get a top salary. The top guys in the department get $235,437 and $200,118, respectively. An assistant pockets $21,848.

Most of the support staff, administrative assistants, etc. make around $50,000. Those with longer titles typically make more than six figures. On and on it goes.