David Ash continues to mature

Mack Brown didn't mention Case McCoy’s name Monday. Texas co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin didn’t say it either. In 45 minutes with the media, David Ash’s name was mentioned once. So much for a continuing quarterback controversy at Texas.

Not that the quelling of such talk was a direct result of Ash’s play -- 4-of-7 for 125 yards against Texas Tech. It was more the result of the running game that has taken over the Longhorns’ offense. Back-to-back 400-yard games will do that.

Still, it is abundantly clear that Ash is the starter. McCoy is the backup. Sure, everything could be thrown out the window when Connor Brewer and Jalen Overstreet arrive for next season, but for now it is Ash’s team to run. And Harsin thinks he did a much better job of just that this past weekend against Texas Tech.

“I think ultimately, for him [it was about] no turnovers, we had one sack and threw the ball away and had some real good runs in there,” Harsin said. “He’s starting to just complement himself, being able to run the ball and make decisions along with his ability to throw the ball.

"He’s starting to realize there is a lot more in his toolbox that he has available to him. When you do that as a player, you become more confident because you know that, 'If it’s not there, I can do this, and if that guy can’t do that, I can throw it away and the coaches are good with that. All I’ve got to do is make good decisions and take my throws when they are there.' "

However, Harsin is not delusional about the lack of passing game.

“He is going to have to throw the ball,” Harsin said of Ash. “I thought he made a real nice throw early in the game to Mike Davis. We missed on a long one and we’ve learned from that and those opportunities are going to come again.”

But from a game-management perspective, Ash is maturing.

“We had several checks in that game that he got us out of,” Harsin said. “And we made several adjustments at halftime and he didn’t even blink an eye. This is what we’re doing and he was able to go out there and communicate and do a good job with that.”