Is KD really a Longhorn?

Kevin Durant spent one season in burnt orange. Is he really a Longhorn? In what sense was KD ever a college basketball player?

These are the questions asked by Grantland writer (and UT alum) Bryan Curtis.

Durant was only in Austin for one season, from 2006 to 2007. And he was required to be there thanks to the one-and-done rule implemented by the NBA that year. The result is that the connection I feel with Durant is more tenuous than the one I feel with, say, Ricky Williams. There has to be a better, more sophisticated way for an alum to process the one-and-done college career.

The high-minded reason for this: Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and every one-and-doner deserves for this crucial-if-compulsory college season to be woven into their basketball DNA. The real reason: As a Longhorn, I want to take credit for the rings KD's eventually going to win. So sue me.

Curtis makes a great point. Durant was required, by rule, to go to school. He picked Texas, so in that, Longhorns fans can take some pride. And while he might only have a handful of highlights from his time on the 40 Acres, Durant still seems part of the UT community fabric.

Curtis also points out that this is a trend at Texas, and one the extends outside of sports. Computer magnate Michael Dell, video game developer Richard Garriott and legendary news man Walter Cronkite all attended Texas and "left early" for the pros.

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