60 days, 60 stats: No. 39

Each day, as a countdown to fall camp opening Aug. 2, we are going to provide you with a number that was important in 2011 and let you know why it will be important in 2012.

Here is a quick rundown of Texas A&M’s starting field position on the first few drives of the 2011 game:The Aggies 43. The Aggies 44. The Texas 46. The Aggies 37.

You get the idea, field position was an issue. And it wasn’t just an issue because of the Texas offense or the wind or because of incredible run backs by the Aggies. Nope, it was Justin Tucker’s tired leg.

Inside the number

The do-everything senior only averaged 39 yards (38.6) per punt in 2011 and the number went down as the season went on. He was simply worn out.

Texas knew when it investigated the offseason numbers that this was something it would have to correct, particularly since if it wants to be a ball control, field position type of team in 2012. So the Longhorns went out and signed a punter to a scholarship from Duke.

Where it counts in 2012

Duke and Alex King had a better average. King averaged 42.08 yards per punt in 2011. Now while that might not seem like a huge difference from Tucker’s average, given the speed with which Texas can over a punt, three yards and the milliseconds it takes a ball to travel that distance does make a big difference.

Also, King only punts. Therefore he should not be worn out when December rolls around and Texas is at Kansas State. King will have to get used to the windy conditions that exist in the Big 12. But the wind blows for both sides.