60 days, 60 stats: No. 18

Each day, as a countdown to fall camp opening Aug. 2, we are going to provide you with a number that was important in 2011 and let you know why it will be important in 2012.

David Ash has been much maligned for his untimely turnovers.

And rightly so because, when looking back at the stats, it becomes clear that there was not a long stretch of time when Ash didn’t have a turnover.

Inside the number

Ash’s longest stretch without an interception was 18 completions from the second quarter of the Kansas game to the second quarter of the Missouri game. Now those cynical in nature might also point out that in that stretch Texas played the KU, which was ranked 110 in pass defense, Texas Tech, which was ranked 66th and Missouri, which was ranked 94th. But that’s just piling on.

Those who don’t care to jump on the pile might want to jump on this stat -- Ash threw 14 completions without an interception to end the season. Those 14 completions came after Ash was pulled from the Kansas State game six weeks earlier.

Where it counts in 2012

In that time Ash was able to sit down and evaluate what he had done wrong from the Oklahoma game through that KSU game. (All eight of his interceptions came in that time frame.)

What should serve as some sort or silver lining or maybe ray of hope is that Ash appeared to learn something and mature over the time period. True, his throws against Cal were not striking in accuracy or velocity. But they were not there for the other team to gets its hands on either.