Burnt Orange Breakdown: 96 C. Whaley

HornsNation, will analyze each of the scholarship players currently on the Texas roster. (The bulk of the 2012 class is not currently on the roster.) We will look at the player’s past contributions, what he might do for Texas this year and the future impact he could have on the program. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis we will go through the roster numerically before ending with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 96

Chris Whaley

Defensive tackle, 6-3, 292, junior

Impact so far

Whaley has not been able to consistently get on the field quite yet. That might be because Texas has not found the right position for him. He started his career as a running back and was in that spot as a freshman. He was moved to defensive tackle as a sophomore and played in all 13 games. There was a thought to move him to tight end and he worked out there some before moving back to defensive tackle.

Impact in 2012

Mack Brown is high on Whaley’s athletic ability but with the junior being so new to the defensive tackle position he just does not have the skill set yet to be successful. He will spend the year as a backup to Brandon Moore, Ashton Dorsey and Desmond Jackson. He will also have to fight freshman Malcom Brown for playing time.

Impact in 2013

Whaley will once again be fighting for playing time on what will be a veteran defensive line. Provided Moore does not go pro, Texas will have its returning starters. Plus Brown and Jackson will be one year older and should be better. So Whaley will not have much opportunity to make an impact.