Ranking the nation's best running games

Football scientist KC Joyner takes a look at running games in college football. He points out that three of the last four national champs have averaged less than 25 pass attempts per game. So that mean, the running game matters.

Joyner ranked the best rushing attacks and the Longhorns are among them at No. 4 in Joyner's top 10:

4. Texas Longhorns

Returning starting OL: 4

Lead rusher: Malcolm Brown

The Longhorns were one of only 12 BCS conference teams to average more than 200 rushing yards per game last year, and they did it despite going through multiple injuries and personnel changes to their offensive line.

One reason for their success under less-than-ideal circumstances can be found in this 27-yard rush by Brown against Oklahoma State last year. The blocking on this play was not ideal, but Brown's terrific vision allowed him to see -- and quickly hit -- the large gap that his blockers made in the right side of the defense.

Since the offensive line got a chance to gel this offseason, Brown won't have to make the best of subpar situations as often and should just be able to cut loose with his skills. Add his talents to the skills of Joe Bergeron and potential freshman sensation Johnathan Gray, and the Horns have the makings of one of the best running back committees in college football and a shot at the best overall rushing attack in college football.

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