Mack Brown's Monday media comments

AUSTIN, Texas -- Mack Brown met the media for the Big 12 teleconference. Here are some of the highlights:

On how it is different to get ready for a regular season game after the Texas A&M game as opposed to a Big 12 championship:

“It is really different, but I am seeing it happening in the Pac-12. I see Arizona and Arizona State playing an extra game afterward. I think realignment is really changing the traditional landscape of college football and it is something we are going to have to get used to. Baylor has been a traditional game for Texas as well. And we have played that game for so long. Our guys sat and watched Baylor beat Texas Tech this weekend so they will be ready to play.”

On Baylor’s offensive approach:

“They are very balanced. [Terrance] Gannaway is a great back. They are leading the nation in explosive plays in the passing game. They’ve got the entire package put together and that is why they are one of the best offenses in college football.”

On who has the advantage in Oklahoma and Oklahoma State:

“I just hope I can get home in time to watch it. I might have to Tivo it. It will be a great game between two teams that deserve all the accolades at the end of the year.

“You have to look at both quarterbacks because they are both Heisman Trophy candidates. Wind conditions and quarterbacks, I would say, would be the keys to that game on Saturday.”

On if politicking helps teams with the BCS:

“I don’t think it helps. I got criticized because someone like you would call it politicking, I thought it was standing up for your team. I guess that is not a popular thing to do. I do think the game takes care of it. We have been in that situation in ‘04 trying to get into the Rose Bowl. We were in that situation in ‘08 trying to get into the conference championship game, trying to have a chance to play in the national championship game and people call you and say ‘will you get on and talk about your team,’ and you say yes, and other people say it’s politicking. I thought it was standing up for your team. If it comes up again I will stand up for our team again. That’s what a coach should do.”

On Robert Griffin III:

“He wins. He is guy when you go into the game he is such a dynamic player that he changes the game. And when you look at a football team when you’re preparing for them, you see who can dominate a ballgame and he does that. I’ve never seen anybody who can hit that many deep passes. And he can run. And he’s tough. And he’s smart. He’s averaging 35 yards per touchdown catch. That’s just phenomenal. That just doesn’t happen. He is a track star that can run but he is tough.”

On confidence from A&M win:

“I don’t think there is any doubt that those are games we used to win down the stretch on the last drive. And we haven’t done that in a year or two and that was the first time that we have come behind like that in the last drive and won. We had a come-from-behind win against Brigham Young, but it wasn’t like that with 88,000 screaming against you, only game on TV in a setting with a tremendous amount of pressure on both sets of coaches and both sets of kids. So I felt like there is no doubt that will help us get our swagger back. It has to be a plus for our confidence with our offense going into Saturday’s game.”