Observations from Texas media day

Texas met the media Sunday with head coach Mack Brown opening camp. Sean Adams offers a few observations from what he heard from the Longhorns

First two games on Longhorn Network

Mack Brown announced that the first two games against Wyoming and New Mexico will be televised exclusively on the Longhorn Network. Obviously without large viewership, especially in the state of Texas, this is going to be yet another PR issue that the University of Texas, ESPN and the larger cable television networks like AT&T and Time Warner Cable will have the navigate.

In 2011, bars, restaurants and individual homes were trying to port the signal back to Austin and everyone was wondering about copyright issues. There is no way to put lipstick on a pig because we know this does not look good for anyone.

The fans are screaming for one of the major carriers to strike a deal because most feel that would cause everyone to meet back at the negotiation table. Everybody will be trying to find a vantage point to take in the game if they cannot be one of the 100k plus in DKR Texas Memorial Stadium.

This is yet another amount of pressure to be heaped on this new venture that has a huge potential impact but has to be done right from the start. Right does not mean right now.

Feeling good about the QBs

Mack Brown is an information man. I imagine he is the parent that asks his kids questions and already knows the answers. It is one of the reasons that he always wins the press conference. He has coached so long and played through so many scenarios that he has a huge command of how to be a head coach at the highest level.

Because of that, the biggest message that might have come out of the first press conference of the 2012 season might be the fact that Case McCoy and David Ash addressed the media.

He feels good about where they are as quarterbacks and as representatives of Texas. That goes a long way towards being an indication of how comfortable he is becoming with the position. The position is the biggest storyline for the Longhorns’ season and the presence of those two players shows an amount of comfort.

Could he be allowing the players to manage the pressure so he can observe? Sure. But it is clear through his actions and his comments that he is comfortable with both.

McCoy and Ash are very different

Since the Holiday Bowl win against Cal, I thought that the quarterback position belonged to Ash. When I was able to sit down with Mack Brown earlier in the year he told me that the quarterback job was a competition. When we saw the representatives from Texas at Big 12 Media Days they told us it would be a good competition. After I talked to both players on Sunday, I’m not convinced that everyone was not telling their real opinions.

McCoy is comfortable in his skin and it shows in his communication. He is amped about the opportunity to compete for the job and does not mind talking about it. He almost seems energized by the discussion.

“Whoever’s on the field -- if it’s one or two -- if they put us both in the game at the same time, I don’t know,” McCoy said. “We are going to find a way to make it work because this is a system and they (the coaches) know what they are doing.”

Ash was asked if too much was made of the quarterback position battle and he simply said, “Yes.” He knows that the decision is ultimately the head coach’s. He almost seemed annoyed by even having to field questions about the quarterback position before they even practice or play. He was much more about the result .

“Guys want to follow the guy that’s going to put them in the end zone,” he said.

If Ash has the lead in the clubhouse and McCoy is just trying to make a space for himself that could be a legitimate reason for the difference in attitude.

Which way is right? We’ll see.

Brown wants a return the dominance on offense

"It's time for us to go back and be good on offense," Brown said.

The Texas coach is no different than the Texas fans. He wants to see the Texas offense be more than just sustain itself off what the defense give it. He wants the offense to return to a time when most people thought they would score every time they hit the field.

Prior to the last few years, Texas has had high first round draft picks at just about every position group on the offensive side of the ball. It is amazing how good coaches look when they are coaching NFL-caliber players.

Texas now has those players in mass on the offensive side of the ball. I suspect the Texas offense will be making a return to dominance in the next couple of years.

Texas is good. Good and young!

“We have 10 scholarship seniors and only three or four of them would be listed as starters,” Brown said Sunday.

While that quick statistic gives us the general overview, this is still a team that could lose a number of players early to the draft if their seasons turn out as expected. With that said, on paper this team is young and loaded for a future that is bright.

Freshmen and sophomores will make huge impacts on the 2012 Longhorns and will prep this team to go after the real big prizes in 2013 and 2014.