Top 2014 safety loves unofficial visit

Jamal Adams (Lewisville, Texas/Hebron) has always held Texas in high regard. But a recent unofficial visit to Austin improved the Longhorns in his eyes even more.

Adams, one of the top 2014 safeties in the state, made the three-hour drive south with his parents on Saturday and got an up-close view of what the 2012 Longhorns would look like via a scrimmage. That included the team’s much talked-about practice jerseys.

“Man, they were sick,” he said. “I even asked Coach [Darrell] Wyatt if they were going to be game jerseys but he said no because too many people would go wild over it. It helps a little [with recruiting], but I’m not in it for the fashion. It’s just a plus that [Mack Brown] has let them do this.”

The speed and tempo of the game also stood out to him.

“A lot of teams are doing tempo runs to see if they can get the defense off-balance and confused,” he said. “All the players were in great shape. They weren’t taking them to the , but it got a little physical. They are a real big team. It’s going to be a good season for them.”

Texas is hopeful that “them” will change to “us” when Adams refers to Texas in the future. He is one of two safeties the Longhorns officially offered on Aug. 2 -- a day the 6-foot-0, 195-pounder won’t soon forget.

“It just means that I was blessed to get that,” he said. “It’s a blessing to get the offer, period. But from the University of Texas it is amazing because that is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

Adams, for one, is ecstatic that Texas is now offering early.

“I probably can speak for half of the people out there that are getting recruited when I say that,” he said. “We love when you offer early it means they are really interested and have another two years to improve.

Adams was also able to rub elbows with some of the current Longhorns and also had lunch with Coach Brown and Coach Duane Akina, Texas’ defensive backs coach.

“They were just telling me to keep working,” Adams said.

It was Adams’ second recruiting trip of the week. On Thursday he and his family stopped by Oklahoma where the Sooners offered him a scholarship.

“It made things a lot more interesting,” Adams said. “I took the visit up there, really didn’t know a lot about them. But it’s a great school and they have a great campus, great players and coaching staff. It’s up there on my list.”

The Red River rivals are the top two schools on his list right now, with Alabama also in the mix. But Adams made it appoint to reiterate that Texas was showing him the most attention to date.

He’ll get a chance to see both teams in action in Dallas on Oct. 13.