Texas worried about WR depth

Texas is worried about its depth and production at wide receiver. John Harris went down with a foot injury last week and will be out indefinitely.

That leaves Marquise Goodwin, Mike Davis and Jaxon Shipley as the only real threats at wide receiver. Goodwin, who is a dual threat as a kickoff returner, has been moved from that spot so as to avoid injury or fatigue. Fozzy Whittaker will take his place.

"You have got to have someone in this group of Darius White. DeSean Hales, Miles [Onyegbule], Bryant Jackson, Chris Jones step up," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "We need four to six receivers to play so those guys won’t have to play too much."

Those last three players -- Onyegbule, Jackson and Jones -- are freshmen. Onyegbule is also being asked to be an emergency quarterback in the event Case McCoy or David Ash become injured.

White and Hales, have failed to produce. White was given a chance in the first game against Rice, but suffered from poor route running and drops.

There was a thought to having D.J. Monroe move out and play wide receiver. But that was quickly nixed.

"That is not his deal," Brown said. "We have thought about it, but that really is just not who he is."

As for who the Longhorns are, they're a team that is thin at some vital positions this year and possibly next year as well.