Chat wrap: RB Malcolm Brown improved

HornsNation's William Wilkerson hosted our weekly chat on Tuesday afternoon. Here's some of the best from Tuesday's chat:

Dave (MD): Is it just me, or did Malcolm Brown look a half step faster than he did last year? It was the first time I really thought he looked like a 5 star stud.

William Wilkerson: He did to me as well. I wouldn't say this was the first time I thought he looked like a 5-star recruit because I thought he showed glimpses of that last season. But he's healthy now, the offensive line is healthy. That makes a huge difference and it showed on Saturday.

Anthony Bailey (San Antonio): How much is Texas hype versus Texas good on this year's defense overall?

William Wilkerson: Good question. Look, there is plenty to like about this defense. Two stud DEs, at least three players in secondary that will play on Sundays and as athletic a group of LBs as Texas has had. But there are some concerns. For as athletic as the LBs are they are replacing two of the most productive LBs in Texas history in Acho and Robinson. That's a lot of ground to make up. And for as unpopular as Blake Gideon was around here he still started four years. That's a lot to lose. I think Texas underestimated Wyoming a bit in the early going. But I think it has a great chance of reaching its potential as the season progresses.

Adam (Ann Arbor): William,Does it mean anything that Desmond Jackson jumped up B. Moore on the depth chart, or does it even matter with how deep we our. Seems like his value will be measured more on how others do vs. his stats just based on the sheer amount of space he takes up.

William Wilkerson: You hit it dead on Adam. i wouldn't read too much into it. Jackson is called "Tank" for a reason and showed it with really solid play against Wyoming. He earned the nod over Moore for that reason. It really doesn't matter who starts on the line because they are so interchangeable.

Read the full chat transcript here.