Demetrius Knox: 'UT is my No. 1 choice'

AUSTIN, Texas -- Demetrius Knox (Fort Worth, Texas/All Saints) says his visit to Texas on Saturday went perfect, but there was one exception.

The touted 2014 offensive tackle was sitting with his teammate, Longhorns running back pledge Daniel Gresham, in the stands before the game kicked off. He didn’t see it coming.

“All the sudden, we hear a boom,” Gresham said. “Both of us jumped and fell out of our seats. We were grabbing our chairs like somebody shot us.”

Gresham’s dad laughed. So did the tour guides. They forgot to warn the duo about Smokey the Cannon.

Other than that surprise, Knox couldn’t have been happier with his trip to Austin.

“For the first time in my life, I got chills when I walked out onto the field,” Knox said. “I thought it was just stuff in movies or stuff you read about, but I walked onto the field and I looked over at Daniel and we both knew it. It was crazy.”

After the game, Knox and Gresham stayed late to meet with the coaching staff and hang out with Longhorn players in the locker room.

The visit gave Knox a chance to catch up with Texas offensive line coach Stacy Searels.

“He told me I’m his No. 1 guy in the state of Texas right now,” Knox said. “They showed nothing but love while I was there. It was great.”

The feeling is mutual.

“UT is my No. 1 choice right now, but I just want to confirm it,” he said. “You can never be too sure.”

Despite that, Knox said he didn’t consider committing on Saturday. He’s hoping to take unofficial visits to Ohio State, Alabama and Oregon this fall before he’ll be ready to start talking about a decision date.

He’ll be back to Austin before that day comes, too. Knox and Gresham hope to attend Texas’ upcoming home games against West Virginia, Baylor and TCU.

Knox is excited to come back. And next time, he’ll be ready for the cannon.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get used to that,” Knox said.