Chat Leftovers: Mario Edwards on the brain

HornsNation's Carter Strickland chatted on Monday. Here's the full transcript. If you didn't get your question answered, send it to Carter's mailbag.

Here are a few highlights from his chat:

barron tryon (dallas,tx)

Is Mario Edwards coming to texas I saw him with helmet on...HOOK'EM

Carter Strickland:

Edwards is taking an official to OU this weekend. If he is not wowed there, the chances for Texas are looking good.

JC (Houston, TX):

Two parter...What are the chances Mario Edwards after enjoying his trip to Austin actually commits to the horns? Also, with the horns at 25 commits how many commits can the horns finish with?

Carter Strickland:

I think any time you get a recruit to put your helmet on and pose for a photo, that is a good thing. Texas is going to have room for 28-29 guys in this class. They are targeting four top guys right now and could add all four of they wanted to. Whether they get them is another matter altogether.

Tom (Texas):

what are Texas' chances with Williams, Peat, DGB, Armstead, Collins, and Agholor?

Carter Strickland:

Well they have chances with all of them with Edwards being the top one. I think he had a good official and it will come down to UT or OU. Right now UT may have the slight edge but he still has an official set up for OU. The other three I would say are possible but not very likely.

Riley (KS):

does adrian colbert commited mean we are out of the running for landon collins? who do you think will be the starting QB next year and who will be the starting offensive lineman next year.

Carter Strickland:

Colbert is a safety net in case Texas does not get Collins. They are still after Collins but he is going to be hard to get out of an SEC schools grips. McCoy is your starter right now. Still need to see Brewer and how he progresses in the spring.

Kirk (Kansas):

what are real expectations for next years seasons.

Carter Strickland:

Nine wins would be the over/under on wins. OU will be down. OSU will be down. KSU should still be pretty good. But Texas is going to be on the upswing with a lot of young talent maturing into their roles.

Jon (Austin):

What does Texas need to do to win 10 games again, and compete for titles and BCS bowls?

Carter Strickland :

Be patient. I think in 2013 you will see Texas start to contend for a BCS bowl. They will be loaded with experienced talent and should have the QB situation figured out by then.