Q&A: LB Cameron Hampton has top four

Class of 2014 linebacker Cameron Hampton (Dallas/Carter) is one smooth individual. Just watch him as he hones his craft on any given Friday night.

The 6-foot-2, 215 pound headhunter transitions so effortlessly between plugging gaps to stopping the run and backpedaling into pass coverage, where he has little trouble staying on the hip of those shifty running backs. He takes pride in those abilities and should for as hard as he works. But he does so in a nonchalant manner because, as he’ll tell you, he hasn’t accomplished anything yet.

College coaches seem to think it’s only a matter of time before he does, though, which is why so many have offered him scholarships already.

Hampton is the lone junior outside linebacker with an offer from the Longhorns, which he earned in part due to his phenomenal showing at one of their camps over the summer.

In addition to Texas, Hampton also has offers from Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M and West Virginia. Whoever lands him will not only intrigue him by the state of the program, but also what they can offer him academically.

HornsNation: You always stress education as being the No. 1 factor for you in choosing a school. Why is that?

Cameron Hampton: I go to school to get an education. My mom sends me to school to learn everyday and not play around. Education comes first so I can play football.

HN: What do you want to major in?

Hampton: I want to (major in) broadcast. I like watching ESPN and want to be like them one day after my football career ends, so I can talk about the game.

HN: How are you in front of the camera?

Hampton: I’m smooth as silk.

HN: Now do your parents think that as well or do they have a different take on your on-air abilities?

Hampton: I hope they don’t say anything bad! At least they don’t say it in front of my face.

HN: How’s the season going for you so far?

Hampton: I have 30 total tackles, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries through three games. I know they don’t count them but I have 10 batted down balls, too.

HN: You’ve been pretty set with you top schools in the past. Are they still the same?

Hampton: Yes they are. My top schools are LSU, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M.

HN: What new schools are talking to you right now?

Hampton: The school that is really new right now is Texas A&M. They have offered me. The linebackers coach (Matt Wallerstedt) actually came to my school. He was at my game (two weeks ago). He said I would play a big role in their defense and they are really looking for me to come to Aggieland.

HN: Do you like that A&M is in the SEC?

Hampton: Oh yeah. I love the SEC. It’s a fast-paced conference. They are actually doing great.

HN: Is there anything new with you and the Longhorns right now?

Hampton: Not really anything right now but I talk to coach [Bruce] Chambers now and then. He talks about me getting out to one of their home games and that he is really looking forward to seeing me. I don’t know what home games I’ll be able to go to. My mom and dad work so I have to see what they are doing on the weekends.

HN: Is this whole recruiting process overwhelming, especially considering how many offers you have already?

Hampton: It’s been a lot, but I can handle it. It’s nothing for me. It’s been going great so far. I don’t really worry about recruiting right now. Next year will be the time that I think about it. Right now I am just trying to get better and help my team win.