Cowboys have history of fast starts vs. UT

Texas typically gets down early to Oklahoma State.

And, aside from the last two years the Longhorns have been able to come back late.

There was 2004 and the 35-7 deficit before scoring 49 unanswered points for the win. Three years later was the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in school history when Texas, down 21, scored 24 points and had 311 fourth-quarter yards.

But the talent and times have changed. Texas can no longer just turn it on against an inferior team. The Cowboys have closed the gap. They did it by getting better players out of Texas.

There are 66 Texans on the OSU roster. Six players in this game, two from Texas and four from OSU, hail from North Shore (Houston). Because of the abundance of Texans on the OSU roster, Brown is concerned about allowing OSU to dictate the emotions at the start of the game.

"You need to get a faster start," coach Mack Brown said. "They get so emotional about this game, and the only thing that I can say is because of all the Texans on their team. There are guys that are going to play well against their in-state university."