Texas game extra special for WVU couple

West Virginia's trip to Texas on Saturday will hold plenty of special meaning for the Mountaineer faithful.

None, however, will remember the day more fondly than Greg Comer and his fiancé, Julia Abbott. That won't change, win or lose.

If you're roaming around the north side of Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturday at 1 p.m., don't be surprised if you see a few tears being shed before the game even begins.

Greg and Julia are just getting married.

"It was just a spur of the moment-type decision, but it’s turned into something pretty exciting," Comer told ESPN.com this week.

The couple and their families are all huge West Virginia fans, and when the Mountaineers announced plans to join the Big 12, Greg and Julia planned on making a trip to Texas as soon as they could.

Julia originally hoped to attend the University of Texas, but chose to stay closer to her father and family. Both graduated from West Virginia and now work in the oil and natural gas industry in Morgantown.

Still, she had an affinity for Texas, and hoped to return to Austin soon. The Big 12 membership gave her a chance to make a return.

Then, the Big 12's schedule made a special occasion even more special. The Texas game would coincide with the anniversary of the couple's first date, and be their favorite team's first road game in their new conference.

"It just all kind of fell together for us, and we thought, 'You know what, let’s just get married there.'"

Around 65-100 people are expected to attend, but the tailgate reception in the tailgating lot between the Penick-Allison Tennis Center and 15th Street in Austin is open to any and all fans.

The couple even invited West Virginia AD Oliver Luck, who won't be able to attend, but sent them a personalized email of congratulations.

"We’ve talked to Mountaineer fans going to the game and said, 'Hey, it’s open to everyone.'" Comer said. "We’ll let Texas fans come in, too, but it’s a place for all the fans that we know who are going to kind of have as their home base."

After the wedding, the couple will head for their honeymoon in Turks and Caicos.

Comer didn't get much resistance from any family or friends on the unusual wedding plan, either.

"Every one thinks it’s pretty cool. I have a brother and sister who think we’re crazy, but they love it, they think it’s a neat idea," Comer said. "The first question is always 'why? Why Texas?' Honestly, it’s just 'Wow, that’s really cool.'

The Comers even got retired judge Harley Clark to officiate the wedding. Clark, a Texas cheerleader back in 1955, helped coin the famed "Hook 'Em Horns" hand gesture more than half a century ago.

It'll be a historic day for everyone involved.

"There’s so many emotions going in because this is a great time in our life, and to have a Heisman Trophy candidate to watch while we’re at Texas, we’re just ecstatic, elated," Comer said. "We’re just thrilled to get in Austin. We’ve heard a lot about Sixth Street, and it’ll be even more fun if we figure out how to play a little defense."