Five thoughts: WVU 48, Texas 45

Here are five thoughts following Texas’ 48-45 loss to West Virginia

Watch out for the overreaction

I was listening to the post game show and I heard from four or five different people from host to callers that this is a normal Texas team that will go 8-4. The Longhorns could have easily won this game. Was it their fault that they lost? Yes. Do they have correctable mistakes? Yes.

At some point everyone has to understand that this is a team with a very talented but not very good defense, suspect special teams and an offense that has become the bell cow.

It’s easy for fans to lose their minds about a frustrating loss like that, but this loss doesn’t mean the Longhorns will lose four games with the remaining schedule left before them.

“Jump Around” should be retired right now

Texas was playing well and the Longhorns channeled their inner Wisconsin and played House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” The crowd went crazy and the team started jumping up and down and joined the fans in the craziness.

The Texas game management staff, upon noticing this, over played the song and by the end of the game, they were playing “Jump Around” and West Virginia had flipped momentum and was using the song to build their momentum with their fans.

Texas played the song too much and now it was used against them. Retire that song and grab a song from 2011 or later.

Manage the mismatch

Texas was playing All-America candidate Kenny Vaccaro in the nickel and he ended up charged with guarding Tavon Austin. Even for a player of Vaccaro’s caliber, Tavon Austin is a mismatch for every single safety in the country. Figure out what you are going to do before you get in the game.

No team can afford to get caught in a disadvantaged position, but it did not matter whether it was Vacarro, Adrian Phillips or Mykkele Thompson, it was going to be a mismatch.

Texas will not have the same problem next week against Oklahoma but might when they go up against that 4x100 meter relay team playing wide receiver at Baylor.

They showed up

The official attendance was 101,851. It was announced that it was the largest crowd to ever at DKR.

The Texas crowd showed up, was loud, participated the game environment and stayed through the end of the game. For every fan in the stadium it was a great game to watch. Texas was thought to be out of it early and got back into the game through sheer audacity. Texas had the momentum for a while, then lost it, got it back and then finally lost it for good.

The crowd was there for the duration. We will see how much they show up on Oct. 20th when Baylor makes its way to Austin.

Texas off the radar

With LSU losing on the road, Georgia getting blown out and Florida State throwing up on itself, Texas will not be the lead subject of college football conversation. If Texas is talked about this week it will be because West Virginia played the toughest defense they are going to face and Geno Smith is far and away the leader for the Heisman Trophy.

Texas will still be favored in most, if not all, of its games for the remainder of the season. The Big 12 will be able to send two teams to the BCS as long and one is 12 – 0 and the other is 11 – 1.