2014 DB Brown impressed on Texas visit

AUSTIN, Texas -- ESPN 300 Watch List member Tony Brown (Beaumont, Texas/Ozen) came away from his unofficial visit to Texas equally impressed with the crowd he witnessed and the team it was cheering on.

Brown, one of the top junior defensive backs in the country, knew it was going to be a difficult job for Texas to slow down West Virginia’s offense, and thought it did an admirable job despite the loss.

“I was real wired up for the game,” said Brown, who has a Longhorns offer. “There were a lot of Texas fans and a lot of West Virginia fans too. I feel like it wouldn’t have been that good of a game but Texas fans showed up and really helped them out. It was a close one. Geno Smith is a real good quarterback. I feel like he is going to win the Heisman. He throws a lot of really good balls.”

Brown was especially hyped when the Longhorns started jumping up and down on the field to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

“That was real cool. The first time they did that Texas was jumping around on the field,” he said. “I didn’t think you could do that. That was real cool. I was wanting those guys to get pumped up before the game. So to see that was really cool. I liked that.”

The crowd really got into it at that point too, which Brown was glad to see. Longhorns fans had been tested before the game to be as raucous as ever. He thinks they were.

“They are really loud at all the games that I have been to. I like the crowd a lot,” Brown said. “I like Texas fans. Whenever you are in Austin you are going to see a lot of horns on everybody’s car. Anywhere you go in Austin if you throw the horns up someone is going to throw them back.”

Brown said the atmosphere reminded him of LSU’s game against Arkansas last season.

“On the field, West Virginia has a really good offensive team but Texas defense showed up,” he said. “They had like two or three turnovers and one touchdown. They played their tails off. I liked it a lot. Texas showed up.”

Brown got to the game a little late so he didn’t have time to talk with the coaches beforehand, but he did touch base with them afterward.

“We were just breaking the ice and touching base,” Brown said. “I feel very comfortable with the coaching staff. Coach [Major] Applewhite is recruiting me. Coach [Duane] Akina, they are all real cool.”

It wasn’t Brown’s first trip to Austin and will surely not be his last. Another place he has visited before is LSU, which he’ll take an unofficial to on Oct. 13 for its game against South Carolina.

“My sister [Bealoved Brown, a star track athlete] is going on an LSU visit for the South Carolina game, so I’ll go there with her,” he said. “Then I will be at the LSU-Alabama game for sure. The Gamecocks came on strong against Georgia.”

Brown’s offers list is as impressive as they come. It includes Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Illinois, LSU, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Rutgers, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCLA, USC and West Virginia.

Three teams that could join the fray soon are Florida State, Oregon and Florida.

“They are the new schools that are trying to get in touch with me,” he said. “They are sending me a lot of letters. I’m interested in every [school] right now.”