Q&A: Texas DE commit Derick Roberson

After missing the first three games of his junior season because of a suspension, Texas defensive end commit Derick Roberson (San Antonio/Brennan) is starting to shake off the rust.

Roberson, whose suspension was because of an undisclosed violation of team rules, was back on the field last Thursday for this second game of his season and helped lead Brennan to a 42-21 comeback victory over Brackenridge.

Now that he's back, the ESPN Watch List end has a tough act to follow. As a sophomore, Roberson racked up 105 tackles -- including 31 tackles for loss -- and nine sacks.

He didn’t record any sacks against Brackenridge, but on two occasions Roberson did pressure the opposing quarterback into throwing game-changing interceptions. The future Longhorn is ready to start putting up big numbers, but right now he’s just grateful to be back on the field.

HornsNation: Do you feel like you’re getting back in a rhythm now after missing those games?

Derick Roberson: Yeah, I’m getting kind of back in a rhythm. I’m just missing a couple of sacks.

HN: Without getting into specifics, what was the No. 1 thing you learned from being suspended?

Roberson: Just hang around the right people and just keep my head straight and do the right stuff. I mean, I’m trying to go to college.

HN: Did you keep in good contact with Texas’ coaching staff throughout that process?

Roberson: Oh, it was pretty good. They still stand by me.

HN: How much did getting around to camps this summer help you refine your technique as an end?

Roberson: It helped me real good. I learned a lot of new techniques, a lot of moves, working on my speed, getting a little quicker and pretty good.

HN: Did having to sit out to start the season give you a new appreciation for the game?

Roberson: Yeah. When I was out, I actually did some research on some things to work on my stance. I worked on getting more power in my back foot and getting off the ball quicker.

HN: You’ve made significant gains in the weight room in the last year. How much of a challenge was that for you?

Roberson: I came from Las Vegas. We had to do our weightlifting on our own time. Out here, it’s really technique. Now I’m probably one of the strongest guys out there.

HN: What made you decide to pull the trigger in August and commit to Texas?

Roberson: They’ve been my team since I’ve been a little boy. I’ve always dreamed about playing for Texas.

HN: Do you think it will be tough to stay committed for so long with other schools still coming after you?

Roberson: I’ve still got schools coming at me, but I’ll stay committed.