Four downs: Follow the leaders

Each week Sean Adams takes a look at some topics around the Texas Longhorns and college football.

First down: Got to love the truth

As I've been going over my audio from the Texas press conference, I believe you have to respect Alex Okafor, Quandre Diggs and Kenny Vaccaro. All three have an honesty that Texas can build on. But will others follow?

In a day and age where players and coaches around the country go to press conferences and say whatever they can to get through them -- even if it is not true -- it is refreshing to hear real emotion and real accountability.

“We have no confidence in our defense," Okafor told the media on Monday. "It’s not a tackling issue, it is effort and relentlessness and we don’t have it. We have players taking plays off and waiting for someone else to make a play.”

He also told us that he had to come to practice and lay his body on the line more and make the plays that he can make. He then offered up the perspective that the other players on the defense need to follow the lead of himself, Diggs and Vaccaro.

This is an attitude that Texas can build on and should be applauded by fans.

Second down: The fans

The Texas fans have always had their challenges when it came to creating an environment that was tough for an opposing team. Coach Mack Brown came to Texas and had to tell them how to be proper fans coining the phrase, “Come early, be loud, stay late and wear orange.”

Texas fans answered the call against West Virginia as the Longhorns set a record for stadium attendance at 101,851. They were loud, they were calculated and they were constant even though things did not turn out well for their team.

After the losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma there is doubt whether the fans will make their way and the presence known in DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturday against Baylor.

Diggs was asked about the Longhorn fans and said, "If your [fans] give up after two losses, you weren't true fans in the first place. Loyal fans will be there."

Loyal fans will be there for sure. Texas fans will show up but the Texas team better show up and keep them in their seat and give them something to cheer about. The relationship between the team and the fan base is a mutually beneficial relationship and they both have to receive what they want and need.

Third down: Quitting

Offensive guard Mason Walters on Brown:

“He told us he is not going anywhere on us and he didn't want to see us quit either," he said.

This just threw me off in every way, shape and form the very second I heard it:

Maybe it was brought up to Brown. Maybe someone asked a question of Brown. Maybe Brown saw so much negativity on the Internet or other forms of the media that he felt like he needed to address. For the life of me I am trying to figure out why a coach would ever even utter the word “quit” to his team. There is virtue of speaking things into existence by addressing it and giving it credence.

For all of the people that talk about quitting and blaming a coach, quitting is all about players. A player is 100 percent responsible for his effort, his work ethic and his ability to perform his task.

Players quit -- period. I do not think this is the same kind of team as Texas had in 2010. Baylor is a pivotal game but I do not see a team that will quit.

The fact still remains that quitting is a personal decision made by a player.

Fourth Down: Adams’ Big 12 Power Poll

  1. Kansas State (No. 1 last week): Seeing the way Oklahoma manhandled Texas and knowing K-State beat that team soundly is impressive.

  2. Oklahoma (4): It beat Texas down and has one loss to Kansas State.