Q&A: 2014 TE Koda Martin talks favorite

When it comes to 2014 tight ends in the state of Texas, few have garnered more interest or offers than Koda Martin.

The Manvel junior already has ideal size at 6-foot-6 and 245 pounds, and he has picked up offers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, UCLA, as well as several other schools.

There is one issue, though: Martin doesn’t play tight end, at least not for Manvel. Despite that, the ESPN Watch List prospect has found that hasn’t slowed down his recruitment one bit.

HornsNation: Has your recruitment started to pick up a bit?

Koda Martin: It’s heated up a little, I guess. I’ve been to a few games and have new offers from Louisiana-Lafayette and Ole Miss. I’ve been to OU-K-State, OU-Texas last week, I went to the A&M-Arkansas game. That’s all so far. For the most part I’m not thinking about committing anywhere, just trying to focus on high school football.

HN: What was the best game you attended of those three?

Martin: Probably the OU-Texas game. It was a great game to see. OU was whipping Texas pretty good. The atmosphere was crazy. I think their coaching staff is great and they coached their kids on what they wanted them to do and went out and executed really well. It’s a great school and they came out and played great.

HN: Do you think seeing that OU win makes a big different in how you feel about that school, or is it just one game?

Martin: It’s just one game. I was also at the K-State game for OU, so I saw their high points and low points. Their coaches are great. They played great against Texas. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game.

HN: Is that a game you want to play in someday?

Martin: Yes sir. I just talked with Coach [Bob] Stoops today. I called one of their coaches and he put me on with coach Stoops and I visited with him a bit. He asked me what I thought of the game and stuff like that.

HN: How was that conversation?

Martin: He’s a legendary coach. I’ve been in his office and been at his junior day. They’re pretty interested in me, and he’s a great coach and a great guy. I think I’d be pretty comfortable playing for him. They’re one of my top choices right now.

HN: There aren’t many 2014 tight ends in this state who have picked up early offers. You have. How have you built up your reputation this year?

Martin: I’ve built up that reputation mostly through spring ball. I played a lot of tight end then when schools were coming out. I really haven’t got to play a whole lot of tight end this year or last year. I’ve been playing defensive end for our school because that’s what they need me to play, and I’ve done just a little bit of blocking tight end. But I do think that’s something I can play.

HN: What are most schools recruiting you at, then, if you’re not playing much tight end?

Martin: Most schools are recruiting me at tight end. My team has needed me as defensive end this year. I do whatever it takes for my team. I love tight end but I love defensive end too. I just love football.

HN: Are there any schools standing out right now for you?

Martin: OU is probably my top choice right now, but I’m not looking to make a decision until after this season. I’m just trying to focus on my high school football a lot.

HN: Texas is a school that hasn’t offered or shown much interest so far. Are you hoping that changes? Was that a school you liked growing up?

Martin: Oh, I don’t know. I grew up in Texas, but I really like OU.