Staff predictions: Baylor vs. Texas

Texas 49, Baylor 41

Texas is in a must-win situation and playing a team like Baylor might not be what the doctor ordered. But it's a team that Texas can beat. Texas' offense will move the ball all day and the Texas defense will make enough plays to keep it in front. The Texas running game will look better but the passing game will rule the day. The defense will give up yards but hold Baylor in critical moments in the red zone.

- Sean Adams

Texas 42, Baylor 38

There will be points. Neither team can stop the other's offense, though Texas is more easy to slow down if the run game doesn't get rolling. Expect a more conservative attack akin to the Wyoming and New Mexico games, to better protect David Ash and his wrist.

You have to wonder if Texas over-correcting its run-game woes on defense will open up some big plays for Baylor's slot receivers early. Turnovers are probably what swings this game, but something tells me this game plays out in unpredictable fashion.

- Max Olson

Texas 101, Baylor 100

OK, maybe that is a tad high but you get the idea. It should be a shootout. Texas is No. 99 in overall defense. Baylor is No. 120. Baylor is No. 2 in overall offense. Texas, when it is not playing Oklahoma, can score as well. The deciding factor in this one for me was the fact that this game is a must win for Texas and all of its coaches. That’s why the defense should really put the clamps on and keep Baylor to just 100.

- Carter Strickland

Texas 45, Baylor 38

It's put up or shut up time for the Longhorns this weekend. They have to win this game or things are going to get even uglier than they already are around here. Mack Brown has had some practice in getting his team to bounce back after a loss to Oklahoma, and is usually pretty good at doing so (even though Texas lost at home to OSU the week after OU in 2011).

Having Ash will help, but it's not Texas' offense that concerns me despite its horrible performance against the Sooners. It's Texas' ability to contain Baylor's high-powered offense. Concrete evidence of this having a chance of happening doesn't exist, but I just can't fathom the Bears beating Texas for a third straight year.

- William Wilkerson