The Texas 10: Week 8

Each week, HornsNation will rank Texas' top 10 performers of the season up to this point:

1. David Ash: The sophomore bounced back from what looked to be a bad wrist injury and what was a bad outing against Oklahoma to lead the offense to 56 points. Ash avoided the costly turnover and connected with Mike Davis on a 67-yard pass play.

2. Daje Johnson: The freshman started the game with an 84-yard touchdown run and has continued to prove that he is the explosive presence on the field that Texas is going to need as it gets into these high-scoring contests.

3. Luke Poehlmann: The reserve tackle came in and held down the right side of the line. He and tight end M.J. McFarland provided the blocks that allowed Johnson to spring loose for his 84-yard score.

4. Alex Okafor: The defensive lineman continued to be one of the top performers on the Texas defense as he had three tackles for loss, including 1.5 sacks. Okafor finished with eight overall tackles. Okafor spoke out against the lethargy that has gripped his teammates last week and then went out and proved his words carry weight with his performance.

5. Joe Bergeron: The running back would be higher if not for his habit of fumbling late in games. The first, against Oklahoma State, was not ruled a fumble. The second, against Baylor, was a fumble but Bergeron recovered it. Bergeron did prove that he is capable of cutting through weaker defenses, as he ran for 117 yards on 19 carries and five touchdowns.

6. Josh Turner: Texas has been searching for someone to step up in the defensive backfield, and perhaps it could be Turner. In back-to-back plays, he had a tackle for loss and a pick. Turner was also much more sound in his tackling than in the game against Oklahoma State a few weeks back.

7. Mike Davis: He would be higher, but Davis dropped two balls. Still he proved he can get behind a defense and pulled in six catches for 148 receiving yards.

8. Johnathan Gray: He only had eight carries, but the 25-yard touchdown run gave a taste of what he can do if he is given the ball on a consistent basis.

9. Kenny Vaccaro: The senior continues to play steady, and it appears as if his calling out of the defense to least helped when it came to tackling. Texas was much more sound when it came to getting the runner to the ground. Vaccaro finished with eight tackles, including one for a loss, and a forced fumble.

10: Nick Rose: The kicker is back on the list after a long absence. That's because he is back to kicking the ball into the end zone. After kicking only seven of his previous 29 for touchbacks, Rose had six touchbacks on nine kicks.