More meaningful plays from 2011

HornsNation took a look at some of Texas' most meaningful plays of 2011. Read the story here.

Here are a few more impact plays from the season:

Brown for 17 versus Rice: Texas held off from using Malcolm Brown in the first half against Rice. The Longhorns also only held a slim lead in the season opener. Then Brown, the most anticipated freshman of the class, was put in the game. After a few ho-hum inside runs, Brown took the ball at the Texas 4, went around the left side and went for 17 yards.

It wasn't his most electrifying run of the season. But it was the first glimpse into what Texas now had in its backfield, after suffering through the post-Jamaal Charles years. Brown went on to gain 86 yards in the second half against Rice. He led Texas in rushing this season with 707 yards, despite missing three games due to a knee injury.