Q&A: 2014 receiver Willy Ivery

There are more than a handful of 2014 wide receiver prospects in the state of Texas who have already received considerable attention. And then there’s Willy Ivery.

The 5-foot-8, 177-pound prospect knows his size and small school are the biggest reasons why he’s gone under the radar of most schools so far. When the recruiters start to notice, the junior is confident they’ll be impressed.

While his future in college is as a slot receiver, he’s adopted a new role this year as Sulphur Springs’ running back. Ivery doesn’t hold any offers yet but is beginning to take his unofficial visits, starting with last month’s TCU-SMU game.

Ivery’s recruiting process is just starting, but Texas is already one of his favorite schools.

HornsNation: You’ve been playing a lot of running back this year. What motivated that? Was it just an attempt to get the ball in your hands more?

Willy Ivery: We have a lot of weapons at receiver and depth everywhere, so we’ve been using me and Buddy both at running back. We’ve been utilized in different formations so we can confuse the defense. My ability shows more at running back this year, so we’ve been running more.

HN: Your brother and teammate Buddy Ivery is a senior back who’s starting to get some attention. Are you two a package deal when it comes to college?

Ivery: That’s all we’ve talked about. He didn’t get to play much last year so he’s trying to do as much work as he can this year. We’ve want to see where we can go together in the future.

HN: Are there any schools that you think are close to offering?

Ivery: I feel like Texas Tech is really close to offering. Oklahoma State and SMU, too.

HN: You enjoyed your time at Texas’ camp in June. Have you heard much from the Texas coaching staff since then?

Ivery: I haven’t heard much from Texas, but I’ve still been in contact. They’re still one of my favorite schools also. It’s between LSU and Texas. I really like that school.

HN: What is it about LSU that makes them your favorite school right now?

Ivery: It’s just Les Miles. I love that program. I’ve been following them ever since he got there and they’ve been great ever since he’s been there. I love the athletes that have been there. I love the way they use their offense, love the yellow and purple.

HN: Have you heard much from the LSU coaches or been in contact with that program yet?

Ivery: I went to school one day and my counselor gave me a letter from them that says I need to get my grades and transcripts to them, but they’re close to deciding on potential scholarships. They’ve been sending more letters each week and giving me unofficial invites to their games. I haven’t been able to make any so far, but that’s where it stands right now.

HN: When was the last time you heard from a Longhorns coach?

Ivery: I had one phone call with coach [Darrell] Wyatt maybe two or three weeks after the camp, that was the last time I heard from him. He said keep working. That’s what I’ve been doing this year.

HN: Do you think people are sleeping on you compared to other 2014 receivers in this state?

Ivery: Yeah, but that’s really how it goes. I’m just doing what I can on the football field. My coach says if you’re good, they’re going to notice you.