Staff picks: Texas vs. Texas Tech

Texas Tech 45, Texas 42

Texas will actually play better than most expect but the Texas Tech defense will play better than the Longhorns defense and the Texas offense will not be able to keep up with the scoring of the Red Raiders. Texas will be in the game because the pass rush will get pressure but the UT linebackers will not be able to curtail the Tech running game.

- Sean Adams

Texas 56, Texas Tech 49

Only making this pick because everyone else is taking Tech by very similar scores. The Red Raiders are probably going to win this weekend. It doesn't take an genius coach to figure out how to easily tear apart this Texas defense, and Tech is as good as most Big 12 schools on that side of the ball. But if you want a silver lining, the Red Raiders have given up 53 and 55 points in the past two weeks. Only way UT survives this battle is with lots and lots of scoring.

- Max Olson

Texas Tech 44, Texas 38

The Red Raiders are a two-dimensional offense with something to prove after losing to Oklahoma and Kansas State. They should be able spread Texas out and then exploit the middle with runs and tunnel screens. Really the only way this thing stays close is if Texas is able to get some turnovers and turn those into points. Texas is plus six in turnovers and Tech is negative four.

- Carter Strickland

Texas Tech 45, Texas 38

Had the Red Raiders gone into Manhattan last week and pulled off the upset I wouldn't give Texas a chance at winning this one. I'll give the Longhorns a slight chance but only if it gets out to a competitive start and can take Tech's raucous crowd out of it early. I think Texas was right in keeping David Ash at quarterback because I think he gives the team the best chance at winning. And I also like the move to Johnathan Gray as the starting RB. While I do think Texas will be able to score some points on a much-improved Tech defense, I just think there are too many holes on the Longhorns defense to pull out a victory in the windy plains of West Texas.

- William Wilkerson