Attrition hits talented Texas senior class

Texas signed 39 recruits in 2008 and 2009. Only 19 of those players made it through four years of football.

"Lot of guys didn't last in our class," senior safety Kenny Vaccaro said. "We're the proud few."

Those few -- there are 10 scholarship seniors on the roster with one, Alex King, being a transfer from Duke -- will take place in senior night tonight.

"The thing we've always said is, 'There's so much emotion. Try to keep your emotion intact and enjoy the game and play well in the ballgame. And then if you're going to cry, cry afterwards because you won. Cry because you're happy and it's your last home game,' " said Texas coach Mack Brown.

There might be a few tears shed for those players signed in 2008 or ’09 that didn’t pan out at Texas. That list includes ESPN 150 players Garrett Gilbert, Marcus Davis, Tariq Allen, Paden Kelly, Dan Buckner, Jarvis Humphrey and DeSean Hales. That’s seven ESPN 150 players Texas lost from those two signing classes for one reason or another. To put that in perspective TCU, Texas’ opponent, has only signed three ESPN 150 players since 2008.