Staff picks: Texas vs. Kansas State

Kansas State 27, Texas 17

Kansas State is mad and had a week off to make sure it was prepared for the Longhorns. There is no better way to get a bad taste out of your mouth than by sending your seniors off with a bang. Texas' only chance to win this game is to win the line of scrimmage and make everything easier for Case McCoy on the offense and the linebackers on defense. Kansas State will have success on defense and limit the success of the Horns offense. Ultimately the Texas defense will play well but not well enough to win the game. Texas will end the regular season on a two-game losing streak in a hard-fought game.

- Sean Adams

Kansas State 35, Texas 17

That Kansas State will win this game shouldn't come as any surprise. I just don’t give Texas a great chance to win this game without David Ash at the helm. Case McCoy will make plays like always, but this KSU defense is too good and does an impressive job of capitalizing off turnovers. Texas doesn’t win without playing a complete and near-perfect game, and too many key Longhorns are injured to make this a fair fight.

- Max Olson

Kansas State 28, Texas 20

Texas has not proven it can consistently stop a good running attack and KSU has been a consistently good running team. Plus the Wildcats are the nation’s best team in creating turnovers. Texas quarterback Case McCoy plays too fast and loose with the ball and that could lead to some serious trouble for the Longhorns.

- Carter Strickland

Kansas State 42, Texas 27

The Wildcats will have had two weeks to boil over its loss to Baylor by the time this one kicks off, and that can't be a good thing for a Texas team going into unfavorable grounds with a quarterback starting his first game this season. Especially with this being the last home game for Wildcats senior quarterback and Heisman candidate Collin Klein. One of these years Texas is going to find a way to beat Kansas State, but it won't be this season. McCoy's mobility in the pocket will allow him to make some unorthodox plays and give the Longhorns some momentum. But Bill Snyder's bunch is too technically sound in too many facets to allow many McCoy miracles.

- William Wilkerson