Q&A: Coach of ATH Chevoski Collins

ESPN 300 athlete Chevoski Collins (Livingston, Texas/Livingston) took his time with the recruiting process, analyzing numerous factors before making his decision Oct. 8.

In the end he opted for the Longhorns over a plethora of other offers, including Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and TCU.

HornsNation caught up with Livingston coach Randy Rowe to discuss Collins’ decision, which position he thinks Collins will end up playing, and what went on when Longhorns defensive tackles coach Bo Davis stopped by the school last week.

HornsNation: What kind of player do you see Collins being at Texas?

Randy Rowe: I think he is going to be a good player. He is real athletic. He’s a fierce competitor. I think he is going to be a fine player in college.

HN: There has been plenty of speculation about where he will play once he gets to Texas. Where do you see him playing?

Rowe: I think he has the unique ability to play all of them. We are a small 4A here, and he never comes off the field. He makes plays on both sides of that ball. I think he’ll play defense. I think he has the ability, and Coach [Duane] Akina does such a good job. He has the ability play corner and I think he is going to be physical enough to play some safety.

However, I think he has the ability to be one of those kids -- and I told him in front of Coach Davis -- to return punts and kicks. That can extend your career, and NFL teams are always looking for versatility on their roster.

If you are backing me into a corner, that would be my prediction, that he would play defense. He just makes plays. He has real good hips and quickness. I think his ability to return punts and kicks could be a good thing for both him and the Longhorns.

HN: What exactly is said in these in-home visits like Collins had with Bo Davis last week? Especially because he is already committed to the Longhorns?

Rowe: Just talking about continuing to make good decisions that have gotten him to this point, and what’s going to be in the future. I came in on the tail end of the conversation, because they spoke during our athletic period and encouraged him to continue to work on punts and kicks. Bo Davis agreed with him on that so I guess we were thinking the same thing in that regard. He needs to keep staying in shape and working hard between now and reporting for camp.

HN: Collins does so many things really well on the field, but what does he do best?

Rowe: He’s just real electric when he touches the football. He’s always had great quickness and game speed, as I like to call it. You put him on a track in the 100-yard dash and he might not win, but you put a football in his arm and he has tremendous game speed. I call it "football speed." He is going to be a real special player at Texas.

HN: From your understanding, why did he chose Texas over the other schools he was carefully considering?

Rowe: I never really pinpointed it. I always encourage young men that it is their decision. Talk to the ones that love them the most, mom, dad, family, and I think the position and head coach is very important. The atmosphere, the university. I would like to think that all of those things soaked in.

One of the things that I appreciate about Chevoski is that he did that. I think that is why he was so "slow" in his decision. I think he was just meticulous in making his decision because there were a lot of other great schools after him as well. I think he considered all of those factors and then after football, what afforded him the best opportunity. Also, if things go well at Texas, and you work hard, you are probably going to have an opportunity to play on Sunday. That’s obviously in the equation too.

HN: When will Collins enroll at Texas?

Rowe: It is still being talked about but it is, to me, looking more like he will be a fall enrollee.