Q&A: 2014 Texas commit Lorenzo Joe

Now that his first season of playing quarterback is in the books, Texas 2014 receiver commit Lorenzo Joe (Abilene, Texas/Cooper) is excited for what comes next.

Joe led his Cooper team to a 9-3 record and accounted for 24 total touchdowns with only three interceptions.

Now he’s preparing for another new role: Texas recruiter. Joe was the first 2014 commit for the Longhorns and wants to do his part to add more in-state stars to the class.

HornsNation: When you look back on it, what did you learn from your junior season?

Lorenzo Joe: Going in, I just wanted to focus on getting better at quarterback and help my team get to the playoffs. I felt like I did a pretty good job with doing that. Every week I got better as a passer, and we went to the playoffs. Overall I think it was a pretty good junior season.

HN: You had to have expected some hurdles in making that transition, but were you pretty happy with how that turned out?

Joe: Making the transition, I felt so-so about going from receiver to quarterback. But it’s still a little better, because you have the ball in your hands at all times. You have to lead your team, and that’s what I did.

HN: Did this season give you any hesitation about whether you want to play receiver or quarterback in college?

Joe: It doesn’t really matter, I like both. It doesn’t matter as long as I’m on the field.

HN: Last week Texas picked up a big 2014 commitment from Demetrius Knox. How are you feeling about that 2014 group that’s coming together?

Joe: Oh we’re getting real strong. With Demetrius committing, you know, that’s big. Our class is going to be crazy. We’re going to keep on working to try to get these guys to come and let them know we’re making history.

HN: Texas A&M is also having a huge recruiting run right now and is expected to land Hoza Scott this week. Have you enjoyed sitting back and watching that Texas-Texas A&M rivalry play out with some recruits?

Joe: I’ve been seeing some of these guys who are committing to A&M. There’s a big rivalry going on. A lot of these guys are going to A&M to play in the SEC. I saw the big pickup from Ricky Seals-Jones. That’s big. But I think we’ve got to keep on doing what we do and keep trying t get these guys to come to Texas.

HN: The sales pitch Texas A&M has right now -- Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin, 10 wins, SEC -- is pretty obvious. What sells guys like you to Texas despite that?

Joe: You know, it’s one of the best programs in the nation, and it’s always been like that. They win every year. I feel like with the guys we have coming in and the 2014 class, I feel like we can make a big impact on the team and accomplish a lot.

HN: Be honest here: Who’s on your wish list for 2014 recruits? Who needs to join you at Texas?

Joe: We’ve already got Demetrius Knox. We’re still looking at the defensive side, we still need some DBs. My list would have Solomon Thomas and some more guys on defense, Jamal Adams and Tony Brown.

HN: Last year, Jake Raulerson was the first guy to commit and became the bell cow for his class. You were your class’ first commit. Is that job on you now, or is this a little different since you committed so early?

Joe: I guess you could say that, that the first commit has to talk to guys and get them to commit. But when it comes down to it, it’s about what’s best for them. I’m going to keep on doing my part to tell them about Texas and how we’re making history.