Four downs: New king of Texas?

Each week Sean Adams takes a look at some topics around the Texas Longhorns and college football.

First down: Will Texas A&M take over Texas in the state?

I don't think it's a case of the Aggies hurting Texas as much as it is Texas A&M probably taking their its rightful place in the state's pecking order. I have always thought Texas and Texas A&M should be 1 and 1a. The state of Texas has enough football, enough recruits, enough resources and enough everything to have two or three Top 15 football programs, and probably three or four Top 25 programs.

The variance between recruiting classes put together by both schools when they are recruiting well should not be large.

Texas A&M has some isolated challenges that Texas does not have such as the city of College Station and certain perceptions that might not lend themselves to the recruits needed to win. Kevin Sumlin is winning and figuring out how to fight through those challenges and find success anyway.

The Longhorns and the Aggies will be fine. The Aggies are probably coming up to where they think they should be, but Texas is not going anywhere. Anyone that thinks Texas is about to fade into the background of football in the state of Texas is just kidding themselves.

Second down: What can Texas sell to QBs?

When the Texas staff is on the road talking to quarterback recruits, particularly the junior college quarterbacks that he has talked to in the last week, what is he selling at Texas? The Texas roster, unless transfers happen, will have five scholarship quarterbacks on the roster with the enrollment of Tyrone Swoopes in January. Is five quarterbacks on campus a competition or a mess?

While operating under the assumption that Swoopes will redshirt, that does not relieve the pressure from the position. While David Ash is the leader in the clubhouse, most feel that unless he has a huge game in the Alamo Bowl against Oregon State that the position will be open going into the spring.

While it looks like there will not be an addition to the quarterback roster by way of a juco quarterback, the fact that Texas went on the road to have conversations should indicate the status, questions and stress surrounding the quarterback position at Texas going into 2013.

Third down: Does Texas want to be in the Alamo Bowl?

From the outside looking in it would seem that every team would want to play in a bowl game. I just saw the old football movie ‘The Program’, where the ESU Timberwolves were going crazy just to make it to a bowl.

Texas is going down the road an hour and participating in traditions they already know about as they prepare to play in a game they were not planning to be in. For a team that experienced motivation, passion and leadership problems over the course of the season, that is a bad combination.

Texas is saying all of the right things and doing all of the right things. If I had to pick the team that was more excited to be in this game, I would pick Oregon State.

We’ll know the outcome of this game and the answer to that question within the first 15 minutes of the Alamo Bowl.

For some crazy reason I think the Longhorns show up and play strong based on the fact that their pride and their dignity is on the line in their home state.

Fourth down: A man for tough times

Deciding on a quarterback is like finding someone to marry. Anyone can be good during the easy times but you want someone that is going to be tough and have resolve in the hard times as well.

Texas has to find a quarterback that will be good against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. With all due respect, anyone can be good against New Mexico, Wyoming and Iowa State with the talent surrounding the position.

While I have laughed at the thought of bringing in a sixth quarterback to the rotation, one fact remains true -- if the Texas staff looks at the five quarterbacks that will be on campus in January of 2013 and feel that none of them are good enough to beat Oklahoma, then they need to go get a quarterback from the juco ranks.

Winning against the best teams on the Texas schedule is more important than saving feelings, ruffling a few feathers or hurting recruiting for the 2014 class.

Texas needs to win in 2013.