Texas recruiting misses: 2009

Knile Davis could have helped Texas if he had signed with the Longhorns. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

AUSTIN, Texas – The ills of the 2009 recruiting class were not isolated to just the Texas program.

While the Longhorns have had their share of problems with that class -- 14 of the 20 players signed didn’t exhaust their eligibility -- many of the other products produced by the state either didn’t make it or didn’t make the impact many thought they would.

The state’s top three prospects in 2009 had stunted or less-than-expected careers to date: Russell Shepard (No. 3 overall in ESPN’s 150) was never a star for LSU. Craig Loston (No. 7 overall in ESPN’s 150) suffered through several injuries but started as a junior in 2012. Garrett Gilbert (No. 11 overall in ESPN’s 150) didn’t make it at Texas and has a year left to prove himself at SMU.