Five issues facing Suddes, Longhorns

Mack Brown was eager to answer the question Friday morning as he introduced the man charged with running Texas’ entire recruiting operations going forward.

How quickly will Texas benefit from the hiring of Patrick Suddes?

“Today, very honesty,” Brown said. “We are already starting to fix things today. And the staff gave Patrick a list of 10 things this morning that we all discussed yesterday as a staff and that we want him to do immediately.”

Some steps will take time. The strongest video department in college football won’t be built in a day. Nor will a staff of expert scouts and evaluators.

But the Longhorns’ newly hired director of player personnel does have a lot on his plate now, and in only a few days he already is starting to make an impact on UT recruiting. We don’t know what’s on that list of 10 immediate fixes, but here’s a look at five issues Suddes faces now that he’s running the show.