HornsNation Mailbag: Swoopes to No. 2?

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@ChickDill on Twitter: Best new recruit and where will the majority of the improvement come from?

A: The best recruit in my eyes with the most impact will be junior college offensive lineman Desmond Harrison. He is at a need position that he could start immediately.

Most of the improvement should come on the defensive side of the ball, where Texas had the worst defense in the history of the university. Even missing draft picks in Kenny Vaccaro and Alex Okafor, depth on the defensive line, health at the linebacker spot and experience at safety will prove useful for a defense trying to get its swagger back.

@johnjohndyer on Twitter: Is there any chance [Tyrone] Swoopes ends up as the #2 on the depth chart?

A: There is always a chance. The question is how much of a chance. I’m on the record hoping, for his sake and for the sake of the program, that he is allowed to redshirt. But there are a dozen scenarios where Swoopes could end up No. 2 on the depth chart.

Among the scenarios: If Ash were to sustain an injury, Swoopes could end up moving up the chart and having his eligibility used. If the Longhorns get into fall camp and the summers have not gone as planned for the two redshirts and Case McCoy. That could create the opportunity as well.

Again, about the chances, I say he has about a 25 percent chance of the being the No. 2 QB this season, and if that happens I would have to assume the position is in trouble. I really like Swoopes as a player, but as Texas has proved under coach Mack Brown, redshirting a QB is healthy for their long-term development.

@xrayvyzn on Twitter: Last year was a disaster of decommitments, & this year lost a top RB & OL already. New policy will help or hurt?

A: Honestly, I think it is too early to tell one way or the other. Recruiting regardless of policy, rules and procedures comes down more often than not to winning. Texas fans as well as recruits are taking a huge wait-and-see approach to this Texas team. If this team gets 10 or 11 wins in 2013, recruiting will be fine and as strong as ever.

You really have to get more than a couple of teammates to decommit before it becomes a pattern indicating something may be wrong on a larger scale.

John McCrary on Twitter: How much stock do colleges put on the SPARQ results because a lot of the top guys have no colleges pursuing them

A: I think college coaching staffs put a lot of stock in SPARQ results and workout events like "The Opening." You just have to remember that in the end it all comes down to who can play ball. A lot of guys can put up scores in a combine situation that may not be the best football players.

Just remember the phrase, "Stats accuse but videotape convicts." The tape never lies, and combine situations only show what could be possible based on explosion, strength and athleticism.