Question of the Week: Just win, Bevo

AUSTIN, Texas – Mack Brown has continually pointed to 2013 all the while avoiding most of the fingers pointing back at him.

The Texas coach has survived to coach another year. And while not quite embattled -- national titles go a long way in building tenure around Texas -- there have been detractors. But Brown’s belief is those people, buoyed by what he has in store for 2013 -- a team with 19 returning starters, a loaded two-deep, a different offensive personality, a renewed emphasis on tackling and an easier schedule than the past two years -- will soon become followers again.

But that brings up the question of what will it take for the masses to follow faithfully behind Brown again? How many wins is enough? That’s exactly the question HornsNation wanted to ponder this week. Just how many wins will it take for Texas fans to believe in Brown and the program again?