Barnes recruiting moving slowly

AUSTIN, Texas -- The recruitment of quarterback LaBradford “Del” Barnes (Henderson, Texas/Henderson) is still moving at a snail's pace, according to his high school coach Dickey Meeks.

Meeks got a call from Longhorns co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin on Sept. 19 requesting film of his 6-foot, 175-pound quarterback. Texas Tech had also inquired about Barnes around that time. But nothing much has changed since then.

“Not a whole lot,” Meeks said Tuesday. “We are still getting a couple of calls from some local schools, but nothing like it should be. Stephen F. Austin and McMurray University have called.”

He hasn’t heard back from Texas.

Meeks, who was a quarterback himself in college, at Northwestern State, can’t wrap his mind around why Barnes hasn’t gotten more attention. He fears that it could be because of Barnes’ height.

“I really don’t know. I would hate to think so,” he said. “Heck, he is 19-2 as a starter, won a state championship last season. He’s thrown for right at 5,000 yards and 49 touchdowns.

“This year he is at 70 percent completions, thrown for a little over 1,700 yards, 17 touchdowns and one interception. I don’t see how 6-foot could keep you from looking at a kid that is doing those things.”

Because Henderson is beating its opponents by an average of 35.8 points per game, Barnes has rarely seen action in the second half.

“This past week at halftime he is 12-of-14 for 300 yards and four touchdowns,” Meeks said. “He played the first possession of the third quarter because we wanted to make a statement and then get our backups in. We threw one pass play and the rest were runs and we scored.”

Meeks is quick to point out that Barnes isn’t piling up his passing numbers with a lot of short and intermediate passes.

“It’s not like we are throwing a lot of swings and screens for others around him to get the yards,” he said. “I mean 12 completions for 300 yards is a pretty good chunk of change for a pass. I don’t know what else he has to do. The sucker can play. He is a great leader, a great kid. He is the valedictorian of his class. I’m just hoping one day it all just starts clicking.”

Meeks said he sends anywhere from 12 to 30 emails a week to coaches, with film from Henderson’s latest game.