HornsNation mailbag: Toughest game

Every Friday, HornsNation's Sean Adams will answer questions from readers. Send him a question on Twitter here.

Kendall Lewis (@LeweeVuitton) on Twitter: Which game will be tougher: Oklahoma State, at TCU, at Baylor or the Red River Rivalry?

A: Every single game you list is going to be a bear for Texas. The Red River Rivalry is a lot more of a mental hurdle than a football hurdle in 2013. TCU is the best team that Texas has on its schedule. It has 19 starters returning when you include the return of Casey Pachall and Waymon James. The Horned Frogs are always well coached, and they get Texas at home.

Andrew Hughes (@AndrewH91) on Twitter: What will it take for Texas to reach a BCS bowl this year, specifically, how to beat OU?

A: Texas just has to tackle on defense and not turn the ball over on offense. For as much bad conversation as you will hear about Texas, the Longhorns don’t have as big a mountain to climb as most people think. Quarterback David Ash does not have to be great for Texas to be good. The defense does not have to be great for Texas to be good. Texas will be better on both lines. I know that is a big statement when it lost a dominant player in Alex Okafor, but I believe it to be true.

The schedule sets up perfectly for the Longhorns with nine days off before Oklahoma, a full off week before TCU and nine days off before ending the regular season at Baylor. Oklahoma State is the toughest game that has to be played in a regular-week format, and Texas gets the Cowboys at home.

Chris Bennett (@Chrisgb00) on Twitter: Which players were you disappointed you didn't get to draft to your all-time Texas team?

A: I really wanted to get Derrick Johnson. I knew Texas was short at the linebacker position, but Lowell Galindo gave me no shot to get one of the top two linebackers because he picked twice before I got my second pick. I thought I would be able to get Tommy Nobis or Johnson, but they were gone.

I really wanted Vince Young, and thought I had no shot to get him but as luck would have it, I did. I also wanted to get personal friends of mine in Dan Neil and Britt Hager that I respected so much as players.

John (@johnjohndyer) on Twitter: Is M.J. McFarland looking like he could be a star, or are we still searching for a TE?

A: From everything that I have heard, he is a beast in the weight room and has put himself in a position to be a big-time contributor. If he is not a star it might not be his fault. He might be a blocking part of the offensive line. There is star power at wide receiver as well. There are several impact players on the offense. There is a big role for him to play and if he does, he can get in the mix for all-conference honors.