Previewing Big 12 media days: Texas

DALLAS -- We already know plenty about how this week’s Big 12 media days will go.

Most coaches will wear suits. Art Briles might wear a mock turtleneck. They’ll arrive at a swanky hotel and give a speech to the assembled media about how the summer went great, the season is exciting, their players are experienced and their quarterback is promising.

If they’re savvy, the coaches might say something nice about the stability of the Big 12. If they’re bold, they might say something about the SEC. Those words will immediately be stripped of context and ridiculed on Twitter.

They’ll take questions -- some good, some not -- and then get whisked away for radio interviews and TV hits and photo shoots. Their players in attendance will go through a similar gauntlet. A lot will be said before the day is done. Most of it will prove meaningless by midseason.

But at least the message is always the same: Football is coming.

Mack Brown is scheduled to show up Tuesday for Day 2 of this year’s media days, and he’s bringing David Ash, Jackson Jeffcoat, Trey Hopkins and Adrian Phillips. Here are five questions you can expect to hear this week at Texas’ appearance at Big 12 media days.