HornsNation mailbag: Is Ash a leader?

Every Friday, HornsNation's Sean Adams will answer questions from readers. Send him a question on Twitter here.

David Wise (@dwiser71) on Twitter: Now that you are back from Big 12 media days, what team were you most impressed with?

A: That is a loaded question, because the team that I’m most impressed with might not be the best team. I’m an "attitude," guy so I tend to gravitate toward teams that have the best attitude, and that honestly is probably the attitude closest to mine. I was never overly talented and the best of the best when it came to all of the things around me, so I never lived the role of Texas or Oklahoma. I was told I couldn’t do stuff, wasn’t good enough for stuff, was from the wrong neighborhood and the like. While Baylor has a brand new stadium going up, people talk about the ills of Waco, the rules of Baylor University, Floyd Casey Stadium and a Big 12 history outside of the last few years that was meager at best.

With all that said, Baylor’s players and coach have an attitude that that is infectious, and I even heard media members reference their attitude and their confidence in who they were and what they had. I was super impressed with them.

Zach (@zachrab88) on Twitter: Has David Ash developed more as a player or as a leader this offseason?

A: You hope he has grown in both, but his biggest need area for growth was with his teammates in leadership and confidence in his position. Ash growing as a leader and growing in confidence will help him grow as a player, so it all works together.

Warren Holmes (@SmackieTweets) on Twitter: How much of a role is Greg Robinson going to play?

A: I think Greg Robinson plays a huge role, because he is a sounding board, and he is a developer of positions and game plans. Manny Diaz is not scared for his job, and Robinson will only physically be in Austin for part of the week and will be based on the West Coast.

Andres Reyna (@512SportsNut) on Twitter: Can David Ash really hit 3,000 yards with the running game that Texas is going to have?

A: The running game is going to be really good, but you have to remember that they play 12 regular season games. When you add the bowl game in, he only has to average 230 yards per game in order to reach the 3,000 yard mark. I wouldn’t doubt him having a couple of games near 400 yards, so that will help his average.

Brian Sweet (@BrianSweet15) on Twitter: Do you still think TCU is Texas’ toughest game?

A: Yes I do, although that last game of the year at Baylor could work itself up the list over the course of the season. Oklahoma State is at home, and I believe Oklahoma will be down in 2013.