Spring position review: Quarterbacks

Texas has to find a quarterback.

It was the worst position on the field in 2011.

It was the worst position on the field in 2010.

There are now three candidates. Two of those, David Ash and Case McCoy, could be considered lackluster incumbents. The third, Connor Brewer, is everybody’s favorite mainly because he has yet to do something to screw up a game, let alone even throw a collegiate pass.

Co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin is convinced one of these three guys can be the quarterback at Texas. Then again, Harsin was convinced Garrett Gilbert was the right guy, then that McCoy was the right guy, then that Ash was the right guy, then McCoy again and finally Ash.

While picking a quarterback will be important, for Harsin, proving he can develop one will be even bigger. Harsin has failed to prove that he could do that in a BCS conference. So while the spring is big for the three quarterbacks it is equally as important to Harsin.

If neither Ash nor McCoy show dramatic improvement in mechanics as it pertains to throwing the deep ball or improves their decision making and cut down the turnovers, it will become very clear that they are either not equipped to be Big 12 quarterbacks or that Harsin isn’t equipped to coach them.

As for Brewer, he is a clean and unknown slate, who really won’t be unveiled until spring game. Because the game is meant to showcase the players, don’t expect anything but solid stats. Remember it was McCoy who went 9-of-11 in the 2011 spring game. Ash was 2-of-3.

What Texas has …

Finally Texas has three options at quarterback. That hasn’t been the case since the BYU game in week two of 2011. And really there was no way Texas was going to go back to Garrett Gilbert after it pulled him in the second quarter of that game.

But with Connor Brewer enrolled and ready for spring Texas has a young player who could push David Ash and Case McCoy. It became clear last season that neither could push each other.

Brewer will be given every opportunity to push McCoy and Ash. Texas made a mistake in the spring of 2011 by not giving Ash enough snaps. Despite saying the competition was open, the snaps and practices were geared around building up Gilbert and readying him to be the starter in 2011.

The coaching staff has admitted it erred in proceeding in that fashion and know Brewer needs to have an equal number of snaps so that he can give a true showing of what he can do when given the chance.

What Texas needs …

It’s simple – distribution. All the Texas quarterback really has to do is distribute the ball somewhat effectively. Think about it, Ash was 14-of-23 for 142 yards and a touchdown and won the MVP honors at the Holiday Bowl. Those are not exactly MVP stats, especially when considering Ash missed two clear touchdown opportunities on woefully thrown deep passes.

But he didn’t turn the ball over He got it to the right players. He managed the game. That’s all Texas needs its quarterback to do in 2012. And that is the need it will be looking to fill this spring.