The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 6

I've been inspired by the boys at the Big Ten Blog, and this should be a fun walk through each week in the new-look Big 12 next season. I'll pick one game a week during the season that I'd attend if it were entirely up to me. I don't make the call, and things change as games are played, of course. But right now, this is how it'd look if it were up to me. I'll include road nonconference games, too.

Here's what the Week 6 slate in the Big 12 looks like:

  • Iowa State at TCU

  • Kansas at Kansas State

  • Oklahoma at Texas Tech

  • West Virginia at Texas

My pick: West Virginia at Texas

I was actually a little torn here. Making my first trip to Fort Worth was tempting, as well as a first look at Iowa State. Ultimately, I couldn't say "no" to a likely Top-25 showdown between two contrasting styles. West Virginia goes into one of its most difficult atmospheres of the season, and both teams could easily be undefeated, too.

The Mountaineers' front seven was decimated by the draft, and facing the Longhorns' physical offense will be a huge test. If they can't stop it, it's going to be difficult for the offense to make enough of a difference.

This game is probably the premier matchup in the Big 12 this season. West Virginia may have the league's best offense. I feel pretty confident that Texas will have the best defense. Whoever wins this one will make a pretty huge statement. A win for Texas, especially if they beat Oklahoma State the week before, would stamp the Longhorns as a legitimate Big 12 title contender (and maybe more?). If West Virginia wins, though? So much for growing pains in the new Big 12. It's still early, yes, and the toughest part of the schedule is to come, but this will be a big test for both teams. Both have a lot to lose and a lot to gain.

Let's do it.