Burnt Orange Breakdown: 7 Mykkele Thompson

Over the next two months, HornsNation, will analyze each of the scholarship layers currently on the Texas roster. (The bulk of the 2012 class is not currently on the roster.) We will look at the player’s past contributions, what he might do for Texas this year and the future impact he could have on the program. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis we will go through the roster numerically before ending with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 7

Mykkele Thompson

Defensive back, 6-2, 183, sophomore

Impact so far

Thompson has been a standout special teams player for the Longhorns. He led the team with eight tackles on special teams and also added a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown. Throw in his spring game performance, when he went for 100 yards on a kickoff return, and Thompson has more than proven he can make plays with or without the ball in his hands.

Impact in 2012

Thompson will be moving into a starting role at safety alongside Kenny Vaccaro. His speed should be a huge asset in this role as he will be able to plug gaps in the run game and pick up receivers in the passing game. He also has been working as a kick and punt returner. Again, he is an elusive runner who could give Texas a much-needed boost in the return game.

Impact in 2013 and beyond

Look for Thompson to become one of the top playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Because of his position and his background -- he was a high school quarterback -- he can quickly read the play before and react. Then, if he is able to get his hands on the ball, he knows exactly what to do with it.