Seals-Jones takes surprise visit to Texas

Ricky Seals-Jones, the nation’s top wide receiver, wants to look into the possibility of playing both football and basketball in college. It was one of the main reasons he chose to decommit from Texas on June 5.

He was able to explore the possibility of doing that as a Longhorn during an unofficial visit on Thursday and said everything went well.

"Good day at Texas. I just talked to the coaches and took a tour of the basketball campus," he said. "It felt good to be there again. Texas is still No. 1 in my heart."

It was a bit of an impromptu trip for the Sealy (Texas) prospect and his camp but one the Longhorns coaches were extremely happy for him to make. Texas' football coaches were scheduled to be in San Angelo today for a coaches clinic but changed their plans to accommodate him.

Those efforts by Mack Brown and Co. should thwart any worries of the Longhorns not wanting to take a player of his caliber back after a decommitment.

In a news conference on Wednesday, Brown said he didn't have an issue with recruiting players who want to play multiple sports.

"It would not be a problem at all,” Brown said. “What you get is you’re going to a bowl game and you’re going to be good, and they won’t get there until after the bowl game. Rick [Barnes] and I have a great relationship. In fact, one of the many great things that [athletic director] DeLoss [Dodds] has done is every coach get together in this department. That’s very unusual across the country, from what I hear. They all get along.”

Part of it, Brown said, is that Texas has enough money to spread around that no one has to step on someone else’s toes.

Brown said there were five guys who played both sports in his time at North Carolina.

“Three of them started and I signed one of them,” he said. “Ronald Curry, who is now playing for the Oakland Raiders. Greg [Ellis] played for the Dallas Cowboys. Greg started at times for them [basketball]. And then the great player, Julius Peppers. We redshirted him. All of those guys came in knowing they were going to play both.”

Brown said that defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat has entertained the idea and even talked with Barnes about playing basketball, but he just hasn’t decided to play.

Brown said the he thought Barnes would do anything he asked him to do and vice-versa.

“I think we’re that close,” he said. “I think he would do anything that we ask him to help with.”

Giving Seals-Jones the assurance that he could play basketball at Texas appears to be one of those things. He visited Texas A&M on Wednesday and was able to talk with coaches from both of its programs, and already has offers to play both at LSU and Baylor.

Seals-Jones said he would make a decision before his football season began.