Q&A: Texas QB commit Tyrone Swoopes

After devoting his summer to improving as a passer, Tyrone Swoopes (Whitewright, Texas/Whitewright) didn’t mind reminding people he can run in his season opener on Friday.

The four-star Texas quarterback commit rushed for 305 yards with touchdowns from 71, 63 and 43 yards and also passed for 175 yards and two touchdowns in Whitewright’s 55-47 opening loss to Nocona.

The next day, Swoopes -- who is No. 100 in the ESPN 150 -- made his way down to Austin to take in the Longhorns’ win over Wyoming. Here’s what Texas’ future signal-caller had to say about his weekend.

HornsNation: You put up some big stats in your opener. How did you feel about that game?

Tyrone Swoopes: We’re looking pretty good. We’ve got some things to work on on defense, and our offense can always get a little better. But I think we’ll be pretty good once we get everything put together.

HN: Do you think the focus you put on your passing skills this summer benefited you on Friday?

Swoopes: Yeah, I think it did, definitely. They taught me and told me things to work on, like keeping my eyes downfield and staying poised and not really getting happy feet and taking off running at the first thing that gets me out of the pocket. I really tried to do that on Friday and I think I did pretty well.

HN: In what ways do you think you’re a better passer today than you were a year ago?

Swoopes: I got flushed out of the pocket a lot and I didn’t take off running. I didn’t just pull it down and take off. I kept my eyes downfield and looked for my receivers and a couple times I hit them for a touchdown or a first down. I think that’s made a difference.

HN: I know one of the things the coaches at Elite 11 grilled you on was making checkdowns and progressions to your other receivers. Is that getting more natural?

Swoopes: Yeah, it is. Going through progressions and everything, I’m not trying to force the ball to a spot it’s not going into. I think that helped a lot.

HN: Saturday was the first time you attended a Texas regular season game as a commit. How’d it feel to be the guy signing autographs for everyone?

Swoopes: It felt good. People already knew me and already knew who I was. They said they were excited for me to get down there. It felt good.

HN: What were your thoughts on how Texas’ offense looked?

Swoopes: I thought it was good. They did a lot of good things. I liked the motion and how they keep the defense guessing. I liked it a lot.

HN: What was the highlight of your visit?

Swoopes: Probably just the people already knowing me and the fans and everything. I love the fans there, they’re all really good.

HN: Have you lined up plans for an official visit, or will you be back for the New Mexico game this weekend?

Swoopes: I honestly don’t know about my official visit. I don’t know yet. I’m going to try to make it back this weekend.

HN: What did co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin have to say to you after the game?

Swoopes: He said they did good and he thought they could do some things better but he was proud of the way they performed. He said he can’t wait for me to get down there. I said I felt the same way.