Missed tackles pile up for Longhorns

Kenny Vaccaro didn’t care about the 66 points Texas scored.

It was the 31 points that the defense gave up that was driving him crazy.

"We had a lot of big plays but I think a lot of its gets canceled out by the big touchdowns we gave up," the Texas safety said. "You can’t give up big plays."

One of the primary reasons Texas gave up those big plays was because of missed tackles.

After rewatching the game vs. Ole Miss and adding up the missed tackles, the Longhorns whiffed on a total of 16 tackles. Those 16 missed tackles allowed an extra 214 yards for the Rebels. Seventy of those yards were on a 100-yard kickoff return by Jaylen Walton. Ryan Roberson missed a tackle at the 30-yard line. Walton, in Tom Cruise "Top Gun" fashion, put on the brakes and had Duke Thomas, Nick Rose and Tevin Jackson fly right by at the 50, but those did not qualify as missed tackles. Alex De La Torre’s swing and miss at the 45 did.

So, in all, there were just two missed tackles on what was the biggest play of the day for Ole Miss. As for the other 14 missed tackles, not so coincidentally, 12 of them came on scoring drives for Ole Miss.

On the Rebels' first scoring drive, Texas missed five tackles -- Steve Edmond and Desmond Jackson each missed two and Carrington Byndom missed another -- and allowed 34 extra yards.

Similarly there were five missed tackles on Ole Miss’ second scoring drive for an extra 20 yards. This time Edmond again missed two tackles, although one was on a sack attempt that was eventually made by Alex Okafor. Quandre Diggs missed two tackles. Jordan Hicks missed one as well and committed a personal foul horse-collar penalty on third-and-18 to keep the scoring drive alive.

"We continue to miss tackles and we are concerned about that," said Texas coach Mack Brown. "We have got to do better job of tackling and keeping them in front of us. The thought in the second half was not to give up the big play and we didn’t do that very well."

No, Texas didn’t. And that was because the Longhorns continued to miss tackles.

On Ole Miss’ third touchdown of the game, Adrian Phillips missed a tackle on Donte Moncrief, allowing 47 extra yards on what was a 75-yard touchdown.

On the fourth touchdown, Vaccaro and Demarco Cobbs failed to wrap up Jeff Scott at the line of scrimmage and he gained 48 extra yards and a touchdown.

The aforementioned kick return rounded out the scoring for Ole Miss.

As for the two missed tackles that did not come on scoring drives, Vaccaro missed one that led to three extra yards and Brandon Moore missed one that led to two extra yards.