Q&A: 2014 running back Shaun Nixon

Austin (Texas) Lake Travis has won five straight Class 4A state championships. Now they’re in Class 5A and looking to make another title run.

The Cavaliers won their 15-5A district, but they’re going to have a hard time earning a six-peat if 2014 running back Shaun Nixon is sidelined.

The ESPN Watch List back, who already holds offers from Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Clemson and SMU, has been sitting out while recovering from a partially torn MCL. He’s hoping to play in Lake Travis’ first-round matchup against Pfulgerville on Friday.

Here’s the latest on Nixon’s recovery and his recruitment:

HornsNation: You’ve been dealing with an injury the past few weeks. Where are you at right now?

Shaun Nixon: I’m getting ready for the playoffs. The partial tear happened four weeks ago. Monday was my first day of practice. I’m ready to get back and help my team go win another championship. If I don’t feel like me in practice I won’t play. But if things go well in practice you’ll see me on Friday.

HN: Lake Travis is going for its sixth straight state championship. Are you liking your chances right now?

SN: We lost one game that we should’ve won, but we’ll be ready. I think we’ll make a run for the championship.

HN: Do you feel pretty intense pressure to uphold that state title streak?

SN: Not really. Well, actually, yeah I do. Ever since I’ve been here there’s been a lot of pressure on me. I’m just trying to do my best.

HN: How tough has it been on you to miss these recent games?

SN: We had a really big game against Westlake, and we almost lost. It was really nerve wracking watching that game. I really wanted to play, but we had to take precautions.

HN: Texas A&M and Texas Tech have been the two schools recruiting you the most, at least so far. Have any new ones entered the mix?

SN: Oklahoma. I went to Oklahoma’s game against Notre Dame and I got to meet with coach [Cale] Gundy. He showed me around and we watched the game. It was a big game.

HN: Have you heard from Texas or running backs coach Major Applewhite lately?

SN: A few weeks ago I went to watch their game against West Virginia. I talked to Coach Applewhite for a little bit. They were happy to see me, but we didn’t really talk about anything.

HN: Texas already has a 2014 running back commit in Donald Catalon, but do you think that school could still be an option for you?

SN: It can. It can be an option. I’m not going to commit until my senior year since I got hurt.

HN: At this point, do you think you’ll attend one of their junior days in February?

SN: Yeah, I plan on going to a lot of junior days. I’m not sure which ones right now, but it’s right down the street. I’ll be there.

HN: What are some junior days you’ve already got your eye on?

SN: Texas A&M, and me and my coaches might head out to Clemson and see what’s going on with coach [Chad] Morris.